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13 – The Fast Lane


Tristan has been running webinars but the show up rate isn’t great. By implementing a genius tweak, he was able to build a fast lane that leads his customers directly to what they need.


This week in the podcast:

00:50 – Discoveries made while offline
01:27 – A simple explanation of the theory of constraints
02:25 – Installing a fast lane into your sales process
04:05 – Looking for great (not just OK) results
04:45 – The buying window: Green, orange, red
05:59 – 2 big offer mistakes
06:28 – Are you talking past the sale?
07:58 – One tweak to take a buyer from ready to red-hot
10:45 – Segmentation in action
11:44 – Lessons learned
12:59 – The action step
14:43 – Doing a launch? Consider doing this



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  • Juho Tunkelo

    Can you elaborate on the reverse product launch concept in a future episode? That would be great. Thanks, this was a good one.

    • Thanks Juho

    • Nick Bijl

      Maybe a little late, but a simple example of a reverse product launch would be something like..

      1. opt-in for leadmagnet
      2. deliver on leadmagnet promise and show offer
      3. content #1 + point to offer
      4. content #2 + point to offer
      5. content #3 + point to offer
      6. Q&A (webinar) session + point to offer

      The main difference is that you have the offer available the whole time, instead of forcing everyone to wait until the “cart opens”. This way you don’t slow people down who are ready to go on day 1, while you continue to deliver value and motivate the people who need some more time 🙂

      • Thanks Nick. My OTR blog content marketing works this way – blog post + CTA blog post + CTA and driven by email / podcast / social media syndication