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19 – The Why Ladder


Todd held a product launch, made a big splash and earned some money. How did he do it? Let’s connect the dots backwards and learn the secrets behind the “Why” framework.


The ladder

In this week’s case study:

01:51 – Not a problem, an opportunity
02:58 – Here’s a Hollywood cliffhanger
03:34 – What made the biggest difference
04:02 – Packaging your IP
05:02 – Why using frameworks is a must
06:11 – Literally learn what Todd did here
06:57 – Building the Why model
08:07 – A currency that matters
09:01 – What a ladder accomplishes
10:01 – A magic trick to sell rubbish
11:53 – The content and the response
13:09 – Lessons to take away
15:40 – A product that sells itself
17:28 – Need a framework? Get help.


Case notes


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  • Awesome episode gents. Could you possibly post a picture of this ladder you spoke of so we can see what it looks like? I’m having a hard time visualizing it with the different currencies and elements to it.

    Thanks again,

  • Outstanding show fellas. Again all killa no filla..

  • customerbloom

    Without a doubt, I am always overcome with feelings of joy, frustration and overwhelm, when unpacking an episodes like this. First, the topics are so amazingly poignant to my own situation, I feel as if you are speaking to me personally, this brings the listener much satisfaction. (Guys – thank you for the content). Second, because these launch strategies are so well executed in the overall message of the episode, it then voraciously begs for clearing the way to time frame a move for building schedules and outlining the map of the listeners own IP. To initiate the modeling for value creation and profit ASAP. But, as I mentioned, sadly, time is of the essence for the entire challenge. That means something must be given up to accomplish the task, one of the darlings must starve and die in order for the troop to multiply effectively..Third, and the most challenging, is the frustration of not starting these models when especially I see my peers rising like the phoenix with lower class products around me. I watch from the distance, while I ponder the time involved and watch the clock tick, the action required, etc, it seems trifle in action, but why is it not happening?.. My motivational gravitas over to the deliverance mindset. A solve will be a combination of mentoring and future pull from a most established vision blueprint. We are so complex and yet so simple- “You cannot swim for new horizons until you have courage to lose sight of the shore.”
    ― William Faulkner

    • Mentoring / following tracks that work + Personal Productivity (getting the best from your energy) + only doing the very important (High impact) will be a formula for succes

  • James Barford

    Love it! Thank you. Where’s the link to The Why Ladder!? Sketch pad is ready to go, pen is poised!