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About the Sales Marketing Profit show

Sales Marketing Profit ushers in an exciting new podcasting experience where you don’t simply listen – you are literally part of the show. Peek behind the scenes of real world business examples. Everything discussed is REAL not theory, every episode is sure to be interactive, instructional and incredibly inspirational for you, the ever growing entrepreneur moving to a higher level of performance.


Sales Marketing Profit brings together two of the most influential business leaders today: James Schramko of the SilverCircle High Performance Mastermind and Taki Moore of The Coach Marketing Machine.


In each episode, James and Taki reveal a real world mastermind student case study.  The focus will be on a particular topic or challenge the student is facing in his or her business. James and Taki will discuss the issues, provide tools and tips, and give  action steps that were taken and the results. Importantly YOU can replicate the action steps in your business and likely get similar epic results.


These sessions offer extremely helpful and highly valuable insights and lessons that you can apply to build, grow and fulfill the full potential of your business.


About James

James Schramko is founder of the multi-million dollar business success SuperFastBusiness.com


He lives in Sydney and surfs every day. James helps information marketers and service business owners build highly powerful recurring subscription businesses so they can work less and make more. James is the go-to strategic advisor for many of the top Internet Business owners looking to go a step above a solo practitioner business. His real world experience running multi-million dollar businesses uniquely positions him as a high level problem solver of rare calibre. Teams, systems, cashflow, Traffic and leverage are terms James understands better than most…

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About Taki

 About Taki Moore

Taki Moore of More Clients

Regarded by many as the world’s #1 business and executive coach lead generation expert. Since 2004, Taki’s been the go-to-guy for coaches when they need to book appointments, fill seminars, and sign clients quickly. He’s on a one-man mission to eliminate cold calling, chasing and high pressure selling out of the coaching industry – replacing it with Education-Based marketing that typically pulls 2-100x more leads each time.

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