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10 – Partner Tax

James’ student Terry had great ideas for his company. What kept him from implementing them was his two business partners. Learn some hard truths about partnership and find out what happened when Terry took James’ advice to own 100%.


The concept of partner tax


Topics discussed:

00:31 – The first double-digit episode
01:04 – A little black Wi-Fi cracker
02:45 – 2 partners too many
04:13 – Terry’s dilemma
05:02 – The Partner Tax: There is such a thing
06:06 – James’ partnership experience
06:41 – The ultimate scenario
07:19 – Steps to start going solo
08:36 – What resulted from sole ownership
10:37 – The lure of partnership
11:20 – Joint but separate
12:44 – What’s involved in buying out a partner
14:14 – The whiteboard revelation
15:04 – How owning things worked for James
16:17 – Pointers so far
18:26 – If you really need support
19:25 – Assess your current partnerships
20:28 – Getting outside help
21:13 – Holding up a mirror


Case study summary



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  1. Great advice guys. I can’t seem to find Reva Systems. Would you be able to post a link?

  2. Sorry Lawrence you’ve been knocked off top spot episode ! This was an awesome episode which I am sure many like myself can relate too .. in fact Id rather pay income tax than partner tax! Clear concise and enjoyable to listen to always.

  3. Loved this. My first two companies failed largely due to partner troubles, unnecessary jealousy, differences in work ethic, yadda yadda. Great perspective here.

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