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11 – Triage

What difference can a 10-minute call do for your business? How do you use this time to qualify your buyers and build trust? Todayโ€™s case study talks about building a program and getting the most traction from it.


The triage call


This week in the podcast:

01:28 – Case study: A realtor coach in the U.S.
02:30 – The problem: Launched a program but not enough traction
04:02 – The job doesnโ€™t stop here
05:47 – Do something different
05:56 – How much should you invest?
07:02 – The twists that made him the hero
08:45 – Why it’s called a triage call
10:18 – 4 steps that usher clients to the right door
13:12 – Going deep into the triage call
14:07 – 9 steps of the triage framework
22:33 – Do this to make people take a particular action
25:50 – Doing it the first time
26:40 – Making re-assessments
28:28 – Finding the right match
30:06 – Big lessons
31:35 – Action steps




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  1. Michelle Peters says

    Hey Taki, great case study. I have 2 questions:

    1. Did he discuss the details and cost of the mastermind on the webinar before inviting attendees to the triage call?

    2. How do you promote the benefit if the triage call for the client at the end of the webinar? A full strategy session is easy to promote because you can deliver a lot of value but what’s in it for the client to do triage?


    • Hey Michelle ๐Ÿ™‚

      Great questions…

      1. No. it’s not necessary to discuss the mastermind details of cost beforehand. You just need to show people who you can help, and who you can’t, and invite those you can to talk with you.

      2. You don’t need to dazzle-dazzle the benefits of your triage call, although there are 2 โ€” 1. They get clear about what’s really possible from their business. 2. You unpack what’s holding them back.

      I don’t sexy up my triage call at all (in fact, i think we’re booked in for one tomorrow which will be fun).

      I just say “If you’re here, and you want to move to here… the next step is for us to have a quick chat on the phone (10mins, no pressure). I’ll ask you a bunch of questions, and work out if or how i can help you…

      Nothing sexy. just the facts ๐Ÿ™‚

      Talk tomorrow…


  2. Michelle Peters says

    I suppose the other option is to ‘sell’ the free 1 hour strategy session from the webinar but tell people in order to apply for it they need to do the 10min call with you first so you can check that you can help them?

  3. Hello James & Taki

    Great podcast!

    Just wondering do you have any tips on how to deal with the price conscious prospect during a triage call?
    We sell a service which often requires a lot of ‘education’ before the client understands what goes into it. Give away price too early and you risk loosing a B/C grade clients which could be converted into an A grade client. However, like anything, there are tyre kickers too where it would be great to be able to politely say we’re not a good match from the offset.
    Any strategies would be most appreciated.

    Looking forward to the next episode.

    Thank you!


  4. Thanks for the awesome podcasts James and Taki. I mapped out the 9 square sales session and 9 square triage call on a Google doc. I noticed there is some overlap in 4 squares (ie: Why me? Why now? square, Where are you right now? square, Where do you want to go? square and What’s stopping you from getting there? square).

    So I’m just wondering…

    1) In the overall sales process how do the 2 calls fit together? (eg: would you do a Triage call, then if the prospect is a good fit, only cover the squares in the sales session that you didn’t cover in the Triage call?)

    2) If you are demoing a product/service would that be done in the last square of the sales session (go through 1 benefit at a time as you continually check-in with them that everything makes sense and they are 100% comfortable with everything, then ask ‘Where do you think we should go to from here?’ at the end of the demo)?

    • I use a hybrid checklist version that is more like a mashup of the things I need to have in there for one call only. This is used on warm leads and I developed it around the ‘six seed questions’ framework I used many years ago.

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