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11 – Triage


What difference can a 10-minute call do for your business? How do you use this time to qualify your buyers and build trust? Today’s case study talks about building a program and getting the most traction from it.


The triage call


This week in the podcast:

01:28 – Case study: A realtor coach in the U.S.
02:30 – The problem: Launched a program but not enough traction
04:02 – The job doesn’t stop here
05:47 – Do something different
05:56 – How much should you invest?
07:02 – The twists that made him the hero
08:45 – Why it’s called a triage call
10:18 – 4 steps that usher clients to the right door
13:12 – Going deep into the triage call
14:07 – 9 steps of the triage framework
22:33 – Do this to make people take a particular action
25:50 – Doing it the first time
26:40 – Making re-assessments
28:28 – Finding the right match
30:06 – Big lessons
31:35 – Action steps




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