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12 – The Roll Up

Skilled copywriter Kevin Rogers didn’t lack for work. In fact, he was on the verge of burnout and at a loss on how to scale his copywriting service. James pointed him towards a business model that was scalable, more profitable, and less demanding to maintain while delivering massive value to more people.

Roll it up

Roll it up

In this episode:

01:32 – The comedian turned copywriter
02:17 – A problem of scalability
04:01 – Hello, burnout
05:36 – The framework that made the difference
07:42 – Getting the right domain
08:17 – Setting it all up (the tech side)
10:12 – Everything in one place
13:35 – Shaking the tree
15:36 – Kevin then and now
17:15 – The top 5 lessons
17:45 – Why having a coach is key to success
19:47 – The drawback of feedback
21:09 – 100 members in 4 days
22:12 – Like having a child
24:10 – From “time for money” to recurring income
24:27 – Be mediocre or go epic?
26:31 – Roll it up and clean house
27:01 – James’ prescription
28:38 – In closing




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  1. Terrific episode guys. I’m all caught up on listening to the past episodes and must say I am impressed with the content. Melissa and I have been listening to James on his other podcasts and blog for awhile now and love his no BS approach. Taki you’re exceptional as well, the analysis and ideas are so refreshing. Melissa has an online membership site that is using VBulletin. It’s an older system so I’ll definitely check out the new community software. Cheers from Victoria, British Columbia 🙂

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