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12 – The Roll Up


Skilled copywriter Kevin Rogers didn’t lack for work. In fact, he was on the verge of burnout and at a loss on how to scale his copywriting service. James pointed him towards a business model that was scalable, more profitable, and less demanding to maintain while delivering massive value to more people.

Roll it up

Roll it up

In this episode:

01:32 – The comedian turned copywriter
02:17 – A problem of scalability
04:01 – Hello, burnout
05:36 – The framework that made the difference
07:42 – Getting the right domain
08:17 – Setting it all up (the tech side)
10:12 – Everything in one place
13:35 – Shaking the tree
15:36 – Kevin then and now
17:15 – The top 5 lessons
17:45 – Why having a coach is key to success
19:47 – The drawback of feedback
21:09 – 100 members in 4 days
22:12 – Like having a child
24:10 – From “time for money” to recurring income
24:27 – Be mediocre or go epic?
26:31 – Roll it up and clean house
27:01 – James’ prescription
28:38 – In closing




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