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13 – The Fast Lane


Tristan has been running webinars but the show up rate isn’t great. By implementing a genius tweak, he was able to build a fast lane that leads his customers directly to what they need.


This week in the podcast:

00:50 – Discoveries made while offline
01:27 – A simple explanation of the theory of constraints
02:25 – Installing a fast lane into your sales process
04:05 – Looking for great (not just OK) results
04:45 – The buying window: Green, orange, red
05:59 – 2 big offer mistakes
06:28 – Are you talking past the sale?
07:58 – One tweak to take a buyer from ready to red-hot
10:45 – Segmentation in action
11:44 – Lessons learned
12:59 – The action step
14:43 – Doing a launch? Consider doing this



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