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14 – Doing Less

Melanie and Miles were stuck at $10K a month. They were ready to move their business to the next level, and they actually did it through a mindset shift and support from the SuperFastBusiness community. Listen to their story on how they were able to improve their business and enjoy their lifestyle, and learn how to achieve more with less effort in this episode.


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Episode topics:

01:54 – This stuff will work for any business
03:04 – Stuck at 10 grand
05:10 – What’s holding many back
06:01 – 64% of results for 4% of the effort
07:25 – A community of ideas
07:43 – When DIY just won’t cut it
09:15 – What would Richard Branson do?
09:48 – The hero product
11:37 – The very first thing to outsource
12:21 – Authority + Community = ?
12:39 – Reclaiming the inbox
14:28 – Killing off the old, merging what’s left
15:35 – The law of replacement
15:57 – Customer-only concept
16:26 – Where are people clicking?
17:03 – Time to unplug
19:28 – The results they gained
21:43 – Be open to new ways of thinking
22:08 – Brilliant lessons from this episode
25:48 – The final takeaway



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