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16 – The Middle Man

When James Reynolds attended James Schramko’s talk in Dubai, he was up against a wall and in debt. With James’ help, he identified a business model that worked for him and in a few years built a seven-figure business from nothing. In this episode of Sales Marketing Profit, James shares the steps and phases in his student’s inspiring journey.

Profit from being in the middle

Profit from being in the middle

In this episode:

00:48 – The impact of export marketing
02:05 – Holiday globetrotting
04:48 – The unique Dubai environment
05:28 – A do-or-die situation
07:32 – The right action is crucial
08:15 – The middle man model
10:40 – Someone else selling, someone else supplying
12:50 – $110K in the first 5 months
13:45 – Why the model works better now
15:18 – The step-by-step
17:57 – A simple analogy
18:43 – Some pricing guidelines
20:14 – Recapping the process
20:59 – How to scale the business
22:58 – Finding the right customer
23:37 – What most business owners should do
24:09 – Overcoming capacity issues
26:39 – The next phase: Team and systems
28:30 – Adding a hull to the catamaran
28:03 – The Mastermind effect
29:39 – Business-building steps
31:15 – And here’s the situation now
32:51 – Fixing one constraint at a time
35:15 – Lessons learned



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  1. Jeff Pecaro says

    Glad you guys are back! Favorite new podcast last year.

  2. customerbloom says

    Without any questions, this podcast one of the top content peices for digital marketing. IMHO the value of James and Taki is on the highest plane of mental existance for these subjects. There’s a key lesson through this, clearly evident, which is that you can do this, but find mentors. AND start excecuting. Very few people actually follow through and get past the gates to what can be called flipping the switch. Amazing that the opportunities are so massive and just beginning for the middle and in addition the great suppliers. Hats off guys, if i had one podcast to listen too, this would be it, great job for going extra time, it means alot to us, more than you can imagine. Thanks again, please keep them coming.

  3. Hey James, I take it that as you mention the b2b sales template (used by James R to sell) is given to SC members, it’s a different one than in the SFB site?

  4. I want to get started with this business model. Where would I need to start James?

  5. Amy Boehnert says

    I have listened to this episode a number of times, and it is one of the best ones you have done. Thank you! The part that resonated the most with me is when you said James R. didn’t have to luxury of messing around with fonts to avoid the question of how to make money with this business…Ha! Something I am certainly guilty of in the past, but am working on getting beyond! From this podcast, I created a master plan and have already ticked off a number of tasks off my list. James, If you ever publish the B2B template in SuperFast business–I wouldn’t hate it;) Thank you so much, James and Taki! Keep ’em coming!

  6. Errol Nezar says

    Great podcast thanks guys

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