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17 – Five Ones

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Marcus was burned out, juggling too many things and not making much money. With Taki’s help, he learned to focus on 5 essential “ones,” resulting in a business that prospered and a lifestyle he could enjoy.


Discussed in the podcast:

01:20 – Back by popular demand
02:30 – Too many balls in the air
03:22 – Multi versus single tasking
07:15 – A strategic game plan
07:59 – The 5 ones
09:02 – How to master anything
09:46 – The steps to your first million
10:42 – Creating an honesty system
11:48 – One thing you can stand behind
13:58 – What if you pick the wrong thing?
16:00 – What resulted
18:51 – Can anyone else do it?
19:40 – Be the person making money
21:02 – Go with what’s working
22:24 – The simple lesson
23:10 – Starting with one
25:40 – Roses and businesses
28:24 – Summing it up


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