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18 – Join A Gang

Sam (not his real name) had a following but was not making money, and some of his “mentors” were somewhat shady. Then he found his tribe and in two weeks got the support he needed to start seeing results.


In the podcast:

00:46 – We’re naming no names this time
01:56 – Some background
02:59 – You’ve got the traffic, now what?
06:22 – Why his website was a train wreck
07:49 – Where the real magic happens
09:22 – The shallow pool
10:07 – Finding your gang
11:21 – The essential checklist
14:00 – Using learning as an excuse?
15:32 – All these happened in just 2 weeks
16:46 – The people who are stuck
18:06 – Just the very first phase
19:05 – Don’t be a Robinson Crusoe



Entrepreneurship is not a solo sport. [Click To Tweet]
Seek high support and high performance. [Click To Tweet]
Run with a gang. [Click To Tweet]


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  1. customerbloom says

    Short, but punchy. I think tribe, troup, pack, might be better words than gang, becuase of its overtones. Thanks guys, keep them coming!

  2. Was there supposed to be a checklist download with this? Great episode!

  3. Which checklist carol?

  4. Just signed up for SFB membership and forum. Tribe joined.

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