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19 – The Why Ladder

Todd held a product launch, made a big splash and earned some money. How did he do it? Let’s connect the dots backwards and learn the secrets behind the “Why” framework.


The ladder

In this week’s case study:

01:51 – Not a problem, an opportunity
02:58 – Here’s a Hollywood cliffhanger
03:34 – What made the biggest difference
04:02 – Packaging your IP
05:02 – Why using frameworks is a must
06:11 – Literally learn what Todd did here
06:57 – Building the Why model
08:07 – A currency that matters
09:01 – What a ladder accomplishes
10:01 – A magic trick to sell rubbish
11:53 – The content and the response
13:09 – Lessons to take away
15:40 – A product that sells itself
17:28 – Need a framework? Get help.


Case notes


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