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20 – 100K Abs

Chris Dufey wasn’t seeing results from his venture Turning Pro Academy. No traffic, no sales, and confusion as to what the next steps should be. Learn how he started from being a nobody to a really influential fitness expert, in this latest episode.


The secret to better focus

Podcast highlights:

00:53 – Where would you live?
01:55 – It’s been one great year for SalesMarketingProfit
02:37 – Today’s case study: Turning Pro Academy
03:08 – Where to start when you’re stuck
04:00 – Wheeling out the framework
04:58 – What is OwnTheRacecourse and why does it matter?
06:27 – The marketing actions that turned things around
06:56 – The strategy that worked so well
07:56 – Here’s the technical stuff
08:55 – Do people buy the cover, not the book?
10:16 – Best secrets to apply the 80/20 principle
13:49 – Are you feeling overwhelmed?
15:36 – Here are the results
17:29 – Big lessons
20:50 – More result-oriented advice
24:21 – Resources you need



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  1. Once again you guys have outdone yourself, another great case study.. Congrats to Chris for making the light switch go on and start executing at the levels which proved out to be quite profitable. But one thing that was not clearly defined was the question here of the building of a email list. As of those of us who don’t have a strong list are at a disadvantage in the initial phases, the progressive build over time of the main asset is a critical component. Now one can JV and partner into other environments, or this can be accelerated with ads and webinars with funnel systems. I get it , but…. I believe there is a gestation period of time which was not outlined, i would love to understand the timeframe a bit more. I think many people think this is easy, but this list building seems a tipping point? BTW- James you might have your book title in this episode you have figured out “People by the cover, not the book”.. Funny you mentioned John Warrillow, who is on my podcast tomorrow. Again, awesome Job, this podcast should be a college course and charged admission. I hope others realize how critical and succinct this information is and how critical the content can be for your business.

    • You can get traction fast with JV’s and paid traffic, speaking at live events (I sold over 100 tickets to my live event from stage at someone else’s in about 90 minutes when I was unknown).

  2. Welcome back – I’ve missed you guys!

    I listened to all of the previous podcasts over a 5 day period while walking my daughter in her stroller for her daily naps.

    I’m quite keen on executing on “The Rollup” like you did with Kevin Rogers and am considering joining SFB to get your help with this.

    Just looking for a little feedback and if you think you can help me inside SFB, then I’m in…

    I’m in the fitness niche and have 11 or so info products ranging from $19 to $77, a membership site that I currently sell for $28/month and a solid responsive email list of about 25K.

    I want to focus on my membership site but a significant portion of my income comes from front end products/upsells.

    I have an assistant, video editor, web dev and graphic designer on my team.

    Based on this very limited info, how confident are you that you could help me do “The Rollup” and get 250 members at $28/month?

    After that, I’d up it to $39/month.

    Finally, the reason why I want to do this is for the obvious benefit of recurring income, but the bigger reason why is because recently, my 9 month old daughter has suffered from some health issues and I couldn’t dedicate as much time to my biz as I wanted, so I see the need for stable, recurring income.

    Whaddya say James?

  3. Just jumped in for a year.

    Let’s do this. 🙂

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