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21 – Sell Through

Mr. X is in an unusual market. His prospects are busy, skeptical, a little bit old school and not always online. He’s struggling with his small list and finding prospects online. In this episode, discover how he figured out an easy and effortless strategy.


This week:

00:59 – This just happened
01:27 – Today’s case study: Old school marketing
05:03 – Selling to vs. selling through
06:45 – Here’s a simple framework
07:27 – Identifying the potential categories
08:23 – Approaching your partners as equals
09:16 – Lead generation by providing advanced value
11:09 – Clever piggyback marketing
13:22 – What are the results? (Hint: 60K a month)
16:32 – Key thoughts
18:28 – 3 steps to put things into play



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