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22 – The Right Fit


Matt struggled with focus and self-direction challenges in a highly volatile environment. Find out how the right coaching and frameworks helped him pull things together and bring about great improvements in his business.


Topics discussed:

01:32 – The challenge of focus
03:27 – Tracks, filters and barriers
05:57 – What happens when you get a wrong fit
06:56 – When revenue is deceptive
08:14 – Does your team fit your business?
09:00 – What to look for in an offshore team
12:22 – Simplify
14:51 – Google’s example
16:09 – How a simple change impacts complex systems
17:30 – The great outcome
18:37 – Let’s bust it down
20:00 – Pricing and brand strategy
20:32 – Filling the roles you need
20:48 – Beware of the wrong customer
24:00 – Where Matt acquired the solutions
26:22 – What in your world is too complicated?



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