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23 – The Upgrade

Gaby was working with the wrong customers and deep down she knew it. As a result, she was working too hard and her customers were overwhelmed. But with the right coaching, she was able to make key upgrades in her avatar which improved her clients’ results and earned her more profit and more freedom.

This week in the podcast:

01:34 – There is such a thing as the wrong customer
02:28 – Do you have this fear?
03:30 – Why a higher price is sometimes better
04:16 – The secret to a great coaching program
07:10 – You can’t tell people who and what to pay
09:20 – Making the change
09:58 – The avatar interview: Filtering clients
11:28 – A more effective way to measure your worth
14:18 – You need to know this life-saving tip
15:26 – More changes that doubled her profit
18:19 – Learn how to move a prospect to a customer in the Triage episode
18:45 – The outcome
19:55 – Big lessons
22:46 – Wrapping up
23:33 – Action steps



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Resource: Taki Triage PDF


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  1. Some great takeaways guys.

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