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24 – Tuning The Machine

Peter Moriarty owned a 6-year-old business. His dilemma when he came to James was choppy sales flow and too much work. The solution: Use the machine. In this episode, find out how James helped him build authority, create effective sales funnels and use the powerful tools at his disposal to automate marketing and reduce his workload.


In the podcast:

01:25 – Meet Peter Moriarty
02:53 – Inspiration or desperation?
04:58 – Balancing between delivery and marketing
05:30 – Two rules about tools
07:11 – Owning the racecourse
07:59 – Reactivation and nurturing
09:28 – Get the Chocolate Wheel course for free
10:53 – The Octopus Strategy
12:18 – What’s working now for Peter
13:29 – A look at the results
16:53 – The takeaways
18:11 – Make the machine work for you
18:43 – Why give free content?
21:50 – A quick recap


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