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25 – Magic Pills


Lars owns one of the top 10 agencies in the U.S. and is an in-demand coach to real estate agents. He’s doing one-on-one coaching and feels that he’s on a mission to help more people. Taki teaches him how to scale things up from one-on-one to group coaching  through The Magic Pills Framework.


In this podcast:

00:48 – A dude on a mission for this week’s case study
01:54 – Doing good, but want to do more
03:10 – The big problem
03:52 – Shifting from one-on-one to group coaching
05:44 – The solution
06:22 – Why fixed term membership is easy to sell
08:00 – Reframe from price to availability
10:02 – The 6 Magic Pills Framework
16:14 – And the epic results…
17:32 – The key to getting more income
22:21 – Big lessons
23:46 – The BODMAS entrepreneur formula
26:04 – Three prescriptions

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