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26 – Half Pregnant

Shane and Jocelyn Sams owned a successful business, but the income was inconsistent. Some parts of the year were good. Finding new people to make a single purchase was exhausting. James helped the Sams by creating a more predictable and sustainable income – which completely changed their life. Find out how in this episode.


This week in the podcast:

01:51 – Are you living launch to launch?
03:31 – The reality about earning from a launch
05:07 – What it really means to offer a lifetime subscription
06:30 – When you believe your own B.S.
07:01 – If you have inconsistent income…
08:32 – This model is the solution
09:00 – Lifetime vs. forever customer
10:48 – One secret to having people stay
11:42 – What the Sams did that changed everything
12:44 – Lessons learned
15:41 – Some great discoveries
16:51 – Mindset shift
18:12 – The snowflake to snowball metaphor
19:48 – The best person to buy a high-priced product
21:59 – What resources were used?
24:14 – The results
26: 15 – Why big launches don’t make a business


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