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27 – The Time Shrinker

This week’s SMP episode takes a look at Raj, who’s built a business in the field of law, where scaling is a challenge. With Taki’s help, he applied a framework that has made him mostly redundant in his business, giving him ample time to strategize for growth and to just enjoy life.


Podcast highlights:

01:02 – Hard to scale, resistant to change
03:12 – The goal is leverage
03:35 – The framework
04:06 – Make it up, make it real, make it recur
05:36 – The no. 1 job of an entrepreneur
07:37 – In terms of action
09:13 – Have the stakeholders present
11:10 – Learn this secret trick
12:19 – A shocking realization
13:48 – What’s working, what’s not?
16:49 – The results of the changes
17:34 – Think entity, not personality
18:43 – Build up the scale before you need it
20:02 – Package and systematize
21:00 – Leverage early, leverage often
22:11 – The prescription to take
23:13 – This is where it’s at


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