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28 – The Business

Ezra had all the ingredients of success: energy, expertise, charisma. What he didn’t have was the leverage to scale his business. With James’s help, he learned the skills he needed to build a team and increase his business’s capacity, creating growth and letting him enjoy doing what he was good at.


I do it, we do it, you do it

In this episode:

01:00 – From client to good friend
01:29 – He wants to scale up, but…
02:56 – The importance of a team
04:36 – Here’s how you can buy time
05:06 – A proven task transfer method
08:38 – Have built-in redundancy
09:09 – The myth of the super VA
10:18 – How to cut down on email
12:10 – A business-doubling course
14:00 – Getting more out of meetings
15:10 – Effective onboarding
19:52 – What the business looks like now
20:50 – Where scale really comes from
22:31 – Some action steps
23:40 – A self-hiring business
24:54 – Best tools so far



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