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29 – The Douchebag Effect


Client S had a problem: how to pitch a mastermind at his workshops without coming off as a douche. With Taki’s help, he found a 4-step technique to make offers that people would listen to and actually take him up on.

Feeling like a douchebag?

Feeling like a douchebag?


Episode highlights:

01:09 – The story of Client S
03:06 – Two things going wrong
05:54 – Be a douchebag or a loser?
06:34 – What Client S and Taki worked on
08:12 – The people who come back in the room
11:30 – Working out the fit
12:10 – 4 steps to a clean sell
14:58 – Getting people out of “I can do this myself”
16:48 – Building the desire
20:06 – Laying out the logistics
22:11 – The invitation
25:30 – The call to adventure
27:06 – Where Client S is now
27:40 – Lessons learned
30:21 – Some first steps you can do




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