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30 – Productized Services

Are you running a service-based business? Tune in to this episode and find out how you can deliver your services to the right customers and get paid the right price for the value you offer.

Sell products, not time

Sell products, not time


In the podcast:

00:28 – The case of undercharging and over delivering
02:20 – If you do that one little change
02:26 – What is your effective hourly rate?
05:01 – The first step to clarity
05:13 – Benchmarks to look for
05:53 – On the verge of a breakdown?
08:35 – The key to productized services
09:54 – You can buy THIS
12:30 – Why you should encourage consumption
15:23 – Treat yourself as your best _____
17:00 – Can you shift your clients?
19:20 – Big lessons and takeaways
23:28 – Focus on THIS for recurring income
27:10 – Can you do it with no tools?
29:10 – Action steps




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Mentioned in the episode: John Warrillow Shares Subscription Business Tips From The Automatic Customer Book


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  1. Hey guys,

    Just came across this podcast and really enjoyed listening to it. I liked the “08:35 – The key to productized services” part of the podcast. We recently revamped our UX Design services at gobysavvy.com to include recurring productized subscriptions and improvement.

    Especially after we kept having clients come back and ask for additional services. It made a lot of sense the way you framed it- also in terms of selling the service, I agree that it makes more sense over an hourly rate to ease tensions of the client.

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