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6 – One Product

When Kristin Thompson joined James’ community, she was offering several different products . On James’ advice, she adopted a business model that focused her energy and yielded better, longer-lasting financial results. Hear her story in this episode of SalesMarketingProfit.

One killer product is better than several small ones

One killer product is better than several small ones


In today’s podcast episode:

01:04 – This episode’s case study
02:09 – How the podcast works
03:00 – The drawback of having several little products
04:17 – One great product
05:37 – Putting it together
06:43 – Bringing the subscription model into play
09:48 – Actioning the offer
11:24 – A look at the results
13:59 – Since when is the answer to too much “More”?
14:47 – Elements you need to move through the offer
15:50 – The moral of the story
16:32 – Clay Collins’ Five Ones
18:13 – James’ Three Rs
19:33 – Comments from a listener
20:46 – Action steps for the episode

Reduce your product line. [Cick To Tweet]

Sometimes the answer is LESS. [Cick To Tweet]

It’s not the bits, it’s the result. [Cick To Tweet]


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  1. Clint Salter says

    Nice One Boys!

  2. update: Kristin has now gone past 100k in sales

  3. James and Taki, your podcast has jumped to the top of my listen list.

    I’m really digging this format and length.

    Maybe once in a while you could go really in depth on a case study where it takes 40 minutes instead of 20 to cover it all.

  4. Clare Fitzgerald says

    Really enjoyed this episode guys. I’m in the process of planning a series of products for my business and this episode made me stop and consider whether I should put them together and create a subscription model instead. Mmmm.

    I’m loving these episodes each week mainly because they are both practical and inspiring so I have something to think about and implement each time I listen.

    Thanks Taki and James. Love your work.

  5. Errol Nezar says

    Great show guys

  6. Another pearler guys! Well done. However I’m finding it a little challenging to put the right subscription model together as I teach through classes and workshops, however I also sell physical products which facilitate the use of my method and on one of the products I’m in the process of patenting . How do I develop one product with all my products? Thanks in Advance. Angelo

    • Perhaps sell a package where it includes the product and x number of months training for free then recurring after the trial period

      • Thanks James. My patented product currently sells for $109 which comes with 1 x free class and an exercise manual. The greater value is in my sessions and method rather than the product. Often results in the first session are often with no exaggeration, life changing, particular with people in pain and poor flexibility. If I give away sessions and give them these life changing results, they’re pain free and then don’t need to continue with sessions. I don’t want to string people on, however I do want to get paid adequately for the massive changes and value I’m providing them.

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