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7 – Change From One To Many

Change can be scary, but sometimes stepping out of your comfort zone and shaking up the status quo can just be the transformation you need to grow your business.

3 important elements of a coaching business

3 important elements of a coaching business

This week in the podcast:

00:47 – Designing the business around your lifestyle
02:20 – Surfing in Hawaii
02:50 – Tremendous feedback for the last episode
03:25 – Today’s case study: Getting “too successful”
05:02 – Mastering change management
06:15 – Worried about shifting to something new?
07:19 – The most suicidal marketing thing ever
08:25 – How to move from one to many
09:00 – 3 important things for a coaching business
10:20 – Why is it called a mastermind?
12:08 – The skills to run a community
12:28 – An ideal community
13:08 – Why entrepreneurs need a high-performance environment
14:35 – People stay for the community
14:59 – 3 steps to shift to a new model
15:40 – People flock to an aspirational coach
17:49 – 3 questions to ask your clients
19:52 – Ways to establish accountability
21:05 – The transition conversation
22:46 – The wins of going one to many
23:37 – Lessons learned
26:53 – Homework – Ask these 3 questions
28:08 – One big tip from James

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  1. we are aware that Taki’s mic is not so great in this recording however the content is solid

  2. Ameer Rosic says

    Sold and I mean Solid Episode Guys!

  3. Kieran McDonogh says

    Another great episode that I will revisit many times to study and really cement the lessons. Nice one James and Taki !!

    James – would you consider getting the transcripts made for these podcasts, and perhaps make them PDFs? Would make revisiting and studying the training/content a TON easier to compliment the audio.

    And if perhaps it was set up as “share this post on social network >> then get PDF transcript”, I’d be more than happy to do so, which obviously increases your chances of free traffic.

    P.S. shared it anyway on Facebook as really love what you guys have produced here!

    • We may consider that. I do it for two of my five podcasts. Of course Taki ad I believe the best way to study and learn our material is to join our program where everything is documented to make things even easier

      • Joanna Oakey says

        Hi James, Ive been looking for transcripts as well. When you say above “join the program”, do you mean silver circle/coachmarketing machine or is there another program out there that you guys have together that has documented stuff from your podcasts?

        • Hi Joanna,

          We don’t transcribe SMP. Taki speaks too fast 🙂

          Check out Taki and my programs by clicking on our About page.

          Aside from Silvercircle, I recommend Superfastbusiness.com/membership

  4. Clare Fitzgerald says

    lovin this podcast James and Taki. I regularly re-listen to episodes when I’m out exercising and this one is no exception.

    • Combining exercise with mind training = epic

      • Clare Fitzgerald says

        You’ve both talked a bit about the art of managing communities in a few of your episodes now James and Taki. Would love to hear the core principles you apply to managing communities as part of your one product mastermind products. You don’t hear many people talking about this around the traps and what you have said so far has grabbed my interest. Thanks again for the amazing info.

  5. Awesome. So glad to see another episode is up and available. You know you have something good when you’re checking your podcast daily for a new episode. You guys rock

  6. Excellent episode guys!

  7. Steve McCready says

    I’ve listened to this one 3 times now, and I get something new out of it each time. ‘All killer, no filler,’ indeed! Keep up the great work, guys.

  8. Juho Tunkelo says

    Really a great one, I’m going through the back catalogue after having been off podcasts for a while basically. This is top notch info, right into my top 3. One to many… damn, I know you’re right on this one. Making plans now…

  9. Bob Olmstead says

    Loved Taki’s weekend intensive and loving this, Im listening and re-listening in prep for a launch in a few weeks. Black Belt is in my budget for Sep in 2015- hope to beat that date, though. I get so much from these, from the two you. Finally, I have a question, perhaps a confession. Im concerned about a launch with, say a super basic community element, such as forums. Not concerned that it wont work, I trust y’all (thats Texas for two people), but concerned (a) my first year, especially the first six months, the community will seem empty. Hey (5) people, welcome! LOL and (b) until I get my arms around community management, whats to prevent someone from going rogue?!? Being negative. I screen pretty well, been doing my version of triage many years. If it makes sense for what you two are trying to do, would love a podcast that went deeper on community mechanics or some insights.

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