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7 – Change From One To Many

Change can be scary, but sometimes stepping out of your comfort zone and shaking up the status quo can just be the transformation you need to grow your business.

3 important elements of a coaching business

3 important elements of a coaching business

This week in the podcast:

00:47 – Designing the business around your lifestyle
02:20 – Surfing in Hawaii
02:50 – Tremendous feedback for the last episode
03:25 – Today’s case study: Getting “too successful”
05:02 – Mastering change management
06:15 – Worried about shifting to something new?
07:19 – The most suicidal marketing thing ever
08:25 – How to move from one to many
09:00 – 3 important things for a coaching business
10:20 – Why is it called a mastermind?
12:08 – The skills to run a community
12:28 – An ideal community
13:08 – Why entrepreneurs need a high-performance environment
14:35 – People stay for the community
14:59 – 3 steps to shift to a new model
15:40 – People flock to an aspirational coach
17:49 – 3 questions to ask your clients
19:52 – Ways to establish accountability
21:05 – The transition conversation
22:46 – The wins of going one to many
23:37 – Lessons learned
26:53 – Homework – Ask these 3 questions
28:08 – One big tip from James

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