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8 – Owning The Racecourse

A swim coach wants to grow his business but feels uneasy doing hardsell marketing tactics. By shifting to OTR, he was able to step out without selling out, and now his business is running rather swimmingly. Learn about the platform and how to get started on this latest episode.

Own The Racecourse

Topics discussed:

00:56 – Today’s case study: A young, talented sports coach
01:43 – Hardsell Internet marketing strategies that don’t feel right
03:01 – Hiding behind blogs
04:15 – A common misconception about OwnTheRacecourse
05:00 – The trouble with owning just the horse
05:56 – What OwnTheRacecourse is really all about
06:44 – The undeniable value of a great domain
08:05 – Stepping out and getting recognition
09:20 – An easy way to drive people from your show to your site
10:35 – Real results and lessons
11:45 – Generate million-dollar sales without holding live webinars, affiliates or big launches
12:27 – 3 takeaways from the case study
14:44 – One important thing about OTR (that any marketer will love)
16:13 – Our newest version of the theme will feature this
16:47 – Be a problem solver
17:24 – Little refinements that made a huge impact
19:28 – Think about this
20:48 – Content that gets shared
22:03 – Perks of having a business with stability
23:20 – A smart way to bring back the no-shows
23:47 – The coffee scenario: Fresh and best
25:00 – James’ highest converting post
25:52 – Action steps: 4 steps to get started now
27:33 – Tips on sourcing and creating content

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  1. Another Classic.. Bottom line:Care about your clients, deliver value, make an impact in their life—Who would have ever thought 😉 … Keep them coming Taki and James… 🙂

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