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9 – Going Small


What makes a live marketing event effective? Does it really need to be big and feature the biggest names in the industry? In this case study, learn how to plan a small and successful event that delivers great content and value.


Topics discussed:

00:53 – Today’s case study: A young & passionate Internet marketer
02:17 – Positioning yourself in the market
03:20 – Where did this big event go wrong?
04:42 – Big vs.small event: Thoughts?
06:06 – Framing the expectation
06:54 – Bonding with the community
07:20 – The rewards of focusing on content
08:05 – What’s great about live events
09:22 – 5 key ideas to building an event that sells
13:50 – A rule when working with James & Taki
14:13 – From big to small event
14:51 – A sustainable model (in business and in life)
15:32 – An upcoming live event
16:10 – Biggest ideas from this case study
19:15 – 3-part homework for people planning an event
23:57 – 2 reminders


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