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3 – Flicking The Switch


Want to be more than just a worker? Take inspiration from this episode’s case study of a professional who switched from a one-to-one to a more profitable one-to-many business model. Listen and ask yourself: Is it time to flick the switch?


Is it time to flick the switch?

Topics discussed:

00:55 – Sincere thanks to our listeners
02:13 – The advantage of a dominant left brain
03:02 – From practitioner to coach for practitioners
04:45 – Can you get paid without even turning up?
07:10 – Getting attention and selling the program
08:03 – Wait for this juicy tip
08:52 – Sell it, then build it
09:43 – From zero to $19,000 in 2 weeks
10:13 – How to have more impact
13:23 – 4 campaigns to promote a webinar
14:46 – Some handy tech solutions
17:01 – The 4 emails you send
19:26 – What if you have no case studies yet?
21:26 – Tips to get them to show up
25:29 – What to do if you’re not techy
26:33 – The 6 things you do in a webinar
29:25 – Jealousy is a big deal
30:20 – A good technique
31:45 – Lessons learned
32:52 – Taki’s flick of the switch
34:30 – Dude, Rockstar, or Taki
35:05 – News and events
35:45 – Where to check out Taki’s events
36:45 – Leave us a voicemail
37:42 – A simple request
38:06 – Action steps


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