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3 – Flicking The Switch

Want to be more than just a worker? Take inspiration from this episode’s case study of a professional who switched from a one-to-one to a more profitable one-to-many business model. Listen and ask yourself: Is it time to flick the switch?


Is it time to flick the switch?

Topics discussed:

00:55 – Sincere thanks to our listeners
02:13 – The advantage of a dominant left brain
03:02 – From practitioner to coach for practitioners
04:45 – Can you get paid without even turning up?
07:10 – Getting attention and selling the program
08:03 – Wait for this juicy tip
08:52 – Sell it, then build it
09:43 – From zero to $19,000 in 2 weeks
10:13 – How to have more impact
13:23 – 4 campaigns to promote a webinar
14:46 – Some handy tech solutions
17:01 – The 4 emails you send
19:26 – What if you have no case studies yet?
21:26 – Tips to get them to show up
25:29 – What to do if you’re not techy
26:33 – The 6 things you do in a webinar
29:25 – Jealousy is a big deal
30:20 – A good technique
31:45 – Lessons learned
32:52 – Taki’s flick of the switch
34:30 – Dude, Rockstar, or Taki
35:05 – News and events
35:45 – Where to check out Taki’s events
36:45 – Leave us a voicemail
37:42 – A simple request
38:06 – Action steps


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  1. Another brilliant episode lads! You guys are super inspiring to encourage taking serious action. Thanks for the priceless content 🙂

  2. Another great episode guys, loved it. Go Lawrence. Small note, I thought Taki was saying $90,000 and transcript says $19,000

  3. Matt Coffy says

    You guys are the ducks nuts!

    Taki- how on earth do you talk so fast? It sounds like you have a 1.5X button held on while you speak. hehe

    Makes me really think about coaching as another business model.. I think flipping the switch is fine, but deciding whats the voice and direction of the switch may be some of our questions.. because there’s so much to cover in IM.

  4. Kathryn Perry says

    I’ve done webinars but have never gotten these type of results and now I know why. Thanks for boiling it down step by step. I love you guys together. Keep it up.

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