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1 – From Audience To Paying Customer In 3 Powerful Steps

Business experts James Schramko and Taki Moore welcome you to the first ever episode of Sales Marketing Profit, where they back up practical business strategies with real-life case studies and real results.

The nine-box sales session template

The nine-box sales session template

In our very first episode:

01:14 – Introducing the hosts
02:38 – What you’re in for
03:38 – Our first case study
05:38 – A podcast aborted
06:54 – James’ speaker briefings
07:39 – Only work with the right people
08:38 – When you’re not allowed to pitch
09:25 – Taki’s 3-step strategy
10:13 – Pre-presentation harvest
13:01 – Post-webinar: The free offer
15:53 – Taki’s surfing mishap
17:17 – Don’t call it a sales session
18:22 – Good marketing makes sales easy
19:38 – The nine-box structure
20:46 – First three squares
24:30 – The middle row: 3 faces
27:46 – The last three boxes
28:33 – Practical rejection
32:00 – The case study results
32:48 – Additional tips from James
35:36 – Lessons learned
40:48 – Action steps
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