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1 – From Audience To Paying Customer In 3 Powerful Steps

Business experts James Schramko and Taki Moore welcome you to the first ever episode of Sales Marketing Profit, where they back up practical business strategies with real-life case studies and real results.

The nine-box sales session template

The nine-box sales session template

In our very first episode:

01:14 – Introducing the hosts
02:38 – What you’re in for
03:38 – Our first case study
05:38 – A podcast aborted
06:54 – James’ speaker briefings
07:39 – Only work with the right people
08:38 – When you’re not allowed to pitch
09:25 – Taki’s 3-step strategy
10:13 – Pre-presentation harvest
13:01 – Post-webinar: The free offer
15:53 – Taki’s surfing mishap
17:17 – Don’t call it a sales session
18:22 – Good marketing makes sales easy
19:38 – The nine-box structure
20:46 – First three squares
24:30 – The middle row: 3 faces
27:46 – The last three boxes
28:33 – Practical rejection
32:00 – The case study results
32:48 – Additional tips from James
35:36 – Lessons learned
40:48 – Action steps
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  1. James and Taki, what a great inaugural podcast! I rarely take notes for podcasts and I have a full page for this one (smiley faces included). Although you guys are entertaining, if the rest of the episodes are like this one, it’s going to be more like a weekly education that I will have to schedule a time each week to listen and take notes instead of just listening while driving. In particular, I will use this episodes framework for my future consultations – great stuff and looking forward to the next one. Rob Heppell

  2. helenharding says

    Brilliant first show in the new podcast – congratulations James and Taki for another winning combination! I loved the framework and have already written mine up!

  3. Lawrence Petroni says

    Thanks Taki & James,
    Great stuff !!
    The case study concept is brilliant. Not theory, no BS, just what has worked…!
    Very practical and very Australian.
    It’s always good to get a refresher to remind us about things we know but often gloss over because we are too familiar. This is why having frameworks and checklists to provide us with structure and consistency will only help with being better at what we do.
    Thanks for the great info. I have written out my simple sales framework so I can be consistent and I will be applying this methodology to my clients businesses as well.
    Frameworks work!
    Looking forward to the next episode.

    • using a framework is absolutely the key to consistent success! thanks Lawrence

      • Taki Moore says

        Laurence โ€” no BS. just what works. I’m loving that you’re loving it.

        • Lawrence Petroni says

          Hey Taki and James,
          I used the framework the very next day with the BDM of a potential client – Now I am presenting to the directors later this week. I will be using exactly the same framework.
          Thanks for putting out some great info. Cheers!

  4. Ryan Spanger says

    This podcast is an instant classic! What a team. The Lennon & McCartney of the world of online sales and marketing.

  5. Ryan Spanger says

    Taki, thanks for sharing the 9 box structure. It’s brilliant.

  6. Wow. Game-changing first episode. Guys, seriously… This is setting the bar very high. Great work!

  7. Taki, James love the new podcast great topic the simplicity of the framework is fantastic and the engagement of the client being drawn into the value and the questions is beautiful. looking forward to the future shows

  8. Jesse Forrest Copywriter says

    What a practical and incredibly useful case study! Super practical and immediately useful. Can’t wait to put your advice Taki and James, to the test!

  9. This podcast was sooo valuable. I was wondering what to do in a strategy session without giving out free information but still making it worthwhile. Thank you James and Taki, I just need to book some free sessions now.

  10. Hot stuff guys… Way to go! You guys are a magical combo. Love it.
    Use that checklist. BOOM. what a great lesson. Beginner’s mind. Thanks for the reminder to create checklists for everything— and never stop using it. Brilliant.

  11. Guys, this was brilliant I loved it and am going to listen again. The real case study model is a winner. I’ve also shared this widely, what incredible value.

    I love the 9 squares, I think this framework is a level above the previous “Gap marketing” enrollment model I have learned.

    I’m always a bit confused about where “free info” ends and paid solutions start. Next time you touch on this topic could you address this (and perhaps a way for me to hold myself back from problem solving mode) and also elaborate on “positioning your solution” (without giving the solution) as part of the education based marketing piece.

    • Thank you Cate. This model is so effective because it is clearly labelled as a decision making session not a free info session.

    • Taki Moore says

      I’m not sure what model you’ve learned, but this is the best way I know to convert prospects into clients.

      There are 6 specific steps to offering your solution in a way that doesn’t solve their problem. Maybe on a future episode…

      • That would be great Taki, would love to understand more about positioning without solving.

      • Dale Mueller says

        Wicked podcast gents!
        Taki, expanding on solution without giving the cure would be awesome. I was full speed ahead on your 9 steps until you got to the part about delivering your prescription one pill at a time.

  12. Lists are my FAVOURITE! Can’t wait to get cracking on my framework. Thanks guys

  13. Rob Kosberg says

    Great podcast James and Taki. I would consider myself a fairly seasoned person when it comes to selling BUT selling high priced programs on a (often) first call was difficult for me.

    You already know this Taki but your process has been revolutionary for me and my business. Over $140k in new sales (about $50k cash) in the last 5 weeks from fewer strategy sessions than ever.

    In fact, already have a new project manager trained on your process and he has closed 2 out of his first 5 calls for $20k while I’m on vacation golfing.

    Short version – LISTEN to Taki and James! Thanks guys.

  14. Instant Winner! I’ve subscribed and will not miss an episode. I learned to much – took copious amounts of notes and will start implementing! Thanks ever so much! (only negative is I had to rewind many times in order to get accurate notes because Taki speaks so fast, but that means it’s over the top in value!!) ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Norris Williams says

    Gentlemen, that was freaking genius…

  16. Joshua Eldridge says

    Great episode!

    This might be a silly question for you James and Taki but do you actually draw this table out when you’re talking to your future customer or is this something you just keep in your mind as a template, and if you draw it out then do you always update it with what they’re saying so you can keep track of what they’ve said?

    Thanks guys for sharing your expertise!

    • I use a checklist in ‘reminders app’ for iphone / mac and I make notes in evernote for every person I talk to. I have a folder called ‘People’ and i add new note with the email the person has sent with the information they submit. This will be there file with me throughout training. I update it every time we meet.

    • Taki Moore says

      I draw it every time (my appointments are on the phone or Skype).

      I also map out their answers, so I stay on track, and I know their needs when it comes time to help them as a client.

      • Joshua Eldridge says

        Taki…thank you my friend! I really appreciate it. I was going to give this a try with a colleague of mine at a coffee shop. I think making notes though might show him I’m into the conversation and not just taking what he says for granted. We’ll see!

  17. Great discussion. I am familiar with Taki’s 9 box Sales Conversion process.
    Had a question re the Free Session offer. Would that be a 10 min or 30
    min session that qualifies the person for the longer 45-60 min session?
    And how might it be structured differently?

  18. Errol Nezar says

    Great show guys thanks for all the info

  19. mikerhodes says

    Great work fellas. Superb knowledge shared, great banter. Just excellent.

  20. Brilliant 9 square framework! Love it

  21. Kathryn Perry says

    Woo-hoo! Used Taki’s 9 box grid format with two potential clients and it worked like a charm – event though I got a bit excited a couple of times with sharing the info ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I pulled back into the format and easily closed both clients which will bring $10,000 income this year. It’s a small amount for you guys but it’s a good start and confidence builder.

    Before hearing the call I have been flopping around for a couple of years doing a lot of free sessions that left me feeling depleted after giving my all and not getting a client to sign up or willing to commit beyond 3 cheap sessions.

    I used to make 6 figures doing coaching and offering certification seminars, but I had 3 hard years dealing with a combination of health challenges then the lost of my mom and a year crippling depression caused me to lose my confidence and mojo.

    I was lucky to get someone buy $300 to $695 worth of sessions. I was actually dreading going after business because it had been such a struggle, now I know I can go after more business with confidence.

    Thank you both – these podcasts are exactly what I have needed.

  22. Alright Taki, I just used this approach 5 minutes ago. At the last minute I updated my process and did it your way instead of the several other systems I have tried and have felt icky to me (fast action bonus). I got “how did you get so good at sales? I am in awe of people like you.” Now I do have a great webinar that did 80% of the selling and have been honing my sales skills for years, but I weaved in your questions and BAM! We still need to talk with his partners, but much better way to leave people feeling. Your free content is much better than what I have paid many thousands for.

  23. Holy Jesus this was exactly what I needed to hear today (a year after you published it)

    I’ve been going about my initial client strategy calls ALL WRONG. I was definitely trying to wing it on charm alone.

    Not good.

    Just downloaded the 9-box formula and am going to get it down.

    Thanks James & Taki

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