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2 – Maximising Your Profit Using The Capacity Marketing See-Saw

This week, Sales Marketing Profit puts the spotlight on Greg Merrilees from James’ SilverCircle mastermind. Learn how this gifted designer went from just getting by in his business to making significant profit through expert help and powerful techniques.


One of Greg’s T-shirt designs

This week in the podcast:

01:47 – A word on this show’s format
03:10 – The Greg Merrilees marketing tactic to get noticed
03:44 – The challenges of catering to wholesale clients
04:47 – There must be something more
06:00 – The Capacity Marketing See-Saw Technique
07:21 – Why do you have an office?
08:54 – Lessons to gain from Greg’s marketing execution
10:34 – The value of the right domain
14:55 – Zero to $25K monthly profit
18:27 – What would break first?
19:21 – The payoffs of going remote
20:47 – Getting the perfect client
22:42 – The impact of physical objects in a digital world
25:07 – The hairdresser close
26:13 – Big takeaways of the episode
27:47 – Sales Marketing Profit hits number 1
29:23 – Content that people want to share
31:03 – Feedback from a fan
32:38 – Questions to ponder



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