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2 – Maximising Your Profit Using The Capacity Marketing See-Saw

This week, Sales Marketing Profit puts the spotlight on Greg Merrilees from James’ SilverCircle mastermind. Learn how this gifted designer went from just getting by in his business to making significant profit through expert help and powerful techniques.


One of Greg’s T-shirt designs

This week in the podcast:

01:47 – A word on this show’s format
03:10 – The Greg Merrilees marketing tactic to get noticed
03:44 – The challenges of catering to wholesale clients
04:47 – There must be something more
06:00 – The Capacity Marketing See-Saw Technique
07:21 – Why do you have an office?
08:54 – Lessons to gain from Greg’s marketing execution
10:34 – The value of the right domain
14:55 – Zero to $25K monthly profit
18:27 – What would break first?
19:21 – The payoffs of going remote
20:47 – Getting the perfect client
22:42 – The impact of physical objects in a digital world
25:07 – The hairdresser close
26:13 – Big takeaways of the episode
27:47 – Sales Marketing Profit hits number 1
29:23 – Content that people want to share
31:03 – Feedback from a fan
32:38 – Questions to ponder



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  1. Happy to answer questions here…

    • Casey Stevens says

      Loved this episode James and Taki. I have a couple questions!

      1) My main focus at the moment is on email marketing and helping businesses make sales from past customers (so collecting data and utilising it), any suggestions on what my *t-shirt* could be?

      I’ve been thinking about it over the last couple months and the only things I can come up with are videos and reports which may work but are a bit same same.

      Or send a couple of already created email campaigns or landing page designs specific to a business.

      2) How can we send our *t-shirt* and say “you’re doing x badly, here is how you could fix it” without sounding like a dick?


  2. James & Taki… you guys R O C K !! Thank you for promoting my business on your show. To be discussed for an entire episode is truly incredible. This is another amazing benefit of being in either of your mentor circles. I really can’t believe how much of a difference you are making to my business and my life!! T H A N K Y O U B O T H = )

  3. joshuavandenbroek says

    Hey James & Taki, another cracking episode guys!

    Love how you both play with a straight bat!! I think this episode will ring true for many service based business owners who get stuck in the marketing / fulfilment see-saw.

    You discussed how Greg was able to increase his capacity by reducing his overheads by working from home and using a virtual team. What suggestions do you you have re:increasing capacity, for someone in a very specialised service based field (i.e.health/medical) who has already moved into an online space working from home?

    Keep up the good work fellas and enjoy those burritos!

    • Joshua I suspect some of the answers will surface in future case studies. It usually revolves around improving productivity by reallocation of activities, product / servicing packaging and pricing. Doing more of what works the best. In some cases there are opportunities to license IP as well.

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  8. Matt Coffy says

    BEST podcast ever. James and Taki… World champs. Now into my discussion:

    Capacity is the whole issue. no doubt.. but business structure and support were not mentioned in the podcast. The services business, especially in the website/seo/ppc/social media space needs “customer support” or account management, if you want long term customers, in my experience. The rest( marketing functions) can be sent out for capacity in that framework ( still trying to figure that out).

    But in terms of building a team “locally” to support customers who expect to have a physical “presence”… that’s where this gets dicey. Like to hear your opinions, because we sell on the fact that people like to deal with a local person, who knows the area..

    Now- since we have accees to NJ and NYC, one of the most densely populated areas in the world for business, there is no shortage of opportunity, in fact we are drowning in it. We are grappling with the expansion plans and the costs, i guess that’s the main issue. ( although i am all for expanding nationally or internationally).. maybe customer service non locally could be an option.. but i also think the fact that we have a US based account team helps sell our concept.

    Also, thanks for bringing up the profit question/discussion. That’s my biggest concern, the revenues are going sky high but the costs are staggering. This is this abusiness model issue, and i hope you guys get into this next episode.

    • Hi Matt, I think we did cover structure and support to some extent. By Greg moving off the tools a little by hiring extra designers he was able to be the customer face rather than the doer. The structure of the business was changed from local / in-house to global remote. In the case of supporting services, in my own business I have a support desk and a dedicated team on there. We also serve the wholesale market more than the retail market which takes a lot of heat off the support table. When you chose local retail you are likely to scale by hiring sales people and support people. This is how my other students often grow local businesses. Just make sure it is not you having to sell and serve at some point. We dont all face the same challenges by choice – ultimately you get to choose the game, how you want to play it and at what scale.

      • Matt Coffy says

        James.. all good points, thanks. The retail account management and sales roles are a needed function, agreed, but i think that my business model needs to shift in order to have a better portfolio of non local sales. Business model is the main “game” that i need to figure out… which aspects i am best suited for an enjoy ultimately.

  9. Lawrence Petroni says

    This is great stuff, Thank you James and Taki.

    I listened to this episode yesterday and have been thinking about it for a day and have a quick question…

    I ran into this capacity issue with a client 2 weeks ago – He owns a mechanics shop they mainly do log book servicing for cars.Successful in that they are constantly busy.

    One of his mechanics decided to move to Adelaide (for a girl…)

    Now he is totally maxed out – AND any marketing we were about to do is a waste of time.

    This is a common problem with ‘specialist trades’ and local businesses.

    You can’t outsource, you need a reliable team in house, and mechanics are reasonably scarce so to speak.

    What do you suggest to break the cycle so he can leverage his business, increase his capacity so he can employ a manager, and be the ‘owner’ not the worker?

    I would love to hear your thoughts.


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