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5 – Money Map


Taki’s student Rob had hit the ceiling in his capacity to take on clients. There seemed no room for scaling in his book-writing and promotion service. In this episode of SalesMarketingProfit, see how a change in sales strategy and the smart use of frameworks led to greater profit and the creation of a genuine business for Rob.


Rob’s Map 1


In this week’s episode:

01:58 – Introducing Rob
02:49 – The concept of “unwrapping”
04:09 – The full situation
06:10 – No capacity for scaling
07:55 – Attract, convert, deliver
09:07 – What Taki and Rob did
10:21 – The importance of frameworks
10:49 – Does enthusiasm really sell?
11:55 – A strange interruption
12:45 – Playing doctor
14:36 – From one sale in ten calls  to one in two
16:40 – A formula for value
17:03 – The money map
18:48 – A look at Rob’s sales funnel
22:47 – The point of qualifying prospects
24:39 – What Rob’s clients get
25:43 – The scaling process
27:22 – Rob’s results
28:56 – In summary
31:28 – Action steps for the listener



Rob’s Map 2

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