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4 – The Natural Salesperson

Our case study subject this week thought that doing sales was out of his league. By learning a more effective definition of selling and applying the right sales principles and techniques, he was able to grow his business and improve his lifestyle.

Six seed questions

Six seed questions + ‘anything else?’

In this episode:

01:57 – Today’s case study: A video production business
02:43 – The real cost of hiring interns
03:18 – What is the Noah Principle?
04:25 – How to build a strong team
04:43 – The idea of a natural salesperson
06:07 – Are you committing an expert error?
06:35 – The true definition of selling
07:38 – Myths about selling
07:58 – 6 seed questions to place a sale
09:20 – 2 kinds of buyers
09:26 – Are you selling to “the man around the corner”?
10:10 – A common mistake to avoid when selling
10:50 – The primacy-recency effect
11:20 – The right time for a call to action
12:20 – Furthering the sale
13:03 – Success through true understanding of sales
14:20 – How to run a business while on the go
15:02 – Learnings from the case study
21:19 – 4 big takeaways
22:06 – Action steps


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  1. Thanks for sharing this case study James as I work with a lot of consultants who struggle with a poor frame of reference to sales. I’ve been a professional sales person for 25 years and I’m still learning new skills and processes around sales even today from your podcast. The six seed questions are very important to defining a sales process. For many years I have had a defined sales process that I have been tweaking and refining for multiple industries and my conversion rates have always been in the high 80% – 90% purely because of having a structured process to follow. The big take away principle for me is the Noah Principle I need to bring more people onto my team this was a great wake up call. Thank you James and Taki I’m loving this show. Cheers John Logar

  2. As always, an engaging discussion on a top-of-mind topic. Thanks @JamesSchramko:disqus & Taki for keeping me focused on developing out my S.Y.S.T.E.M. (and yes, that’s the first time I heard that as an acronym for “Saves You Stress, Time, Energy & Money”.

    My 6 seed questions:
    1. What is the first thing on your mind when you wake up in the morning?

    2. Who is the decision maker in your company?
    3. Who will benefit the most from systematizing your processes?
    4. Is this a ‘later’ thing for you, or a ‘sooner’ thing?
    5. What’s most important to YOU about putting this in place?
    6. I usually ask my clients before I wrap up if there is anything else, so “is there anything else?” 🙂

  3. I’m really loving the case studies guys! It’s finally sunk in that it is in fact what i need to be doing in my business! Thanks for the wake up call 🙂

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