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4 – The Natural Salesperson


Our case study subject this week thought that doing sales was out of his league. By learning a more effective definition of selling and applying the right sales principles and techniques, he was able to grow his business and improve his lifestyle.

Six seed questions

Six seed questions + ‘anything else?’

In this episode:

01:57 – Today’s case study: A video production business
02:43 – The real cost of hiring interns
03:18 – What is the Noah Principle?
04:25 – How to build a strong team
04:43 – The idea of a natural salesperson
06:07 – Are you committing an expert error?
06:35 – The true definition of selling
07:38 – Myths about selling
07:58 – 6 seed questions to place a sale
09:20 – 2 kinds of buyers
09:26 – Are you selling to “the man around the corner”?
10:10 – A common mistake to avoid when selling
10:50 – The primacy-recency effect
11:20 – The right time for a call to action
12:20 – Furthering the sale
13:03 – Success through true understanding of sales
14:20 – How to run a business while on the go
15:02 – Learnings from the case study
21:19 – 4 big takeaways
22:06 – Action steps


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