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26 – Half Pregnant

Shane and Jocelyn Sams owned a successful business, but the income was inconsistent. Some parts of the year were good. Finding new people to make a single purchase was exhausting. James helped the Sams by creating a … [Read more...]

25 – Magic Pills

Lars owns one of the top 10 agencies in the U.S. and is an in-demand coach to real estate agents. He’s doing one-on-one coaching and feels that he’s on a mission to help more people. Taki teaches him how to scale … [Read more...]

20 – 100K Abs

Chris Dufey wasn’t seeing results from his venture Turning Pro Academy. No traffic, no sales, and confusion as to what the next steps should be. Learn how he started from being a nobody to a really influential … [Read more...]

9 – Going Small

What makes a live marketing event effective? Does it really need to be big and feature the biggest names in the industry? In this case study, learn how to plan a small and successful event that delivers great … [Read more...]

8 – Owning The Racecourse

A swim coach wants to grow his business but feels uneasy doing hardsell marketing tactics. By shifting to OTR, he was able to step out without selling out, and now his business is running rather swimmingly. Learn … [Read more...]

1 – From Audience To Paying Customer In 3 Powerful Steps

Business experts James Schramko and Taki Moore welcome you to the first ever episode of Sales Marketing Profit, where they back up practical business strategies with real-life case studies and real … [Read more...]