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10 – Partner Tax

James' student Terry had great ideas for his company. What kept him from implementing them was his two business partners. Learn some hard truths about partnership and find out what happened when Terry took James' … [Read more...]

9 – Going Small

What makes a live marketing event effective? Does it really need to be big and feature the biggest names in the industry? In this case study, learn how to plan a small and successful event that delivers great … [Read more...]

8 – Owning The Racecourse

A swim coach wants to grow his business but feels uneasy doing hardsell marketing tactics. By shifting to OTR, he was able to step out without selling out, and now his business is running rather swimmingly. Learn … [Read more...]

7 – Change From One To Many

Change can be scary, but sometimes stepping out of your comfort zone and shaking up the status quo can just be the transformation you need to grow your business.    This week in the podcast:00:47 … [Read more...]

6 – One Product

When Kristin Thompson joined James' community, she was offering several different products . On James' advice, she adopted a business model that focused her energy and yielded better, longer-lasting financial … [Read more...]

5 – Money Map

Taki’s student Rob had hit the ceiling in his capacity to take on clients. There seemed no room for scaling in his book-writing and promotion service. In this episode of SalesMarketingProfit, see how a change in … [Read more...]

4 – The Natural Salesperson

Our case study subject this week thought that doing sales was out of his league. By learning a more effective definition of selling and applying the right sales principles and techniques, he was able to grow his … [Read more...]

3 – Flicking The Switch

Want to be more than just a worker? Take inspiration from this episode's case study of a professional who switched from a one-to-one to a more profitable one-to-many business model. Listen and ask yourself: Is it … [Read more...]

1 – From Audience To Paying Customer In 3 Powerful Steps

Business experts James Schramko and Taki Moore welcome you to the first ever episode of Sales Marketing Profit, where they back up practical business strategies with real-life case studies and real … [Read more...]